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Small-scale, private home-based assisted living in Fairfax, Virginia
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Why Bigger is Not Always Better

Choosing the right assisted living option is crucial for seniors and their families, often overwhelming in the sea of large facilities. These traditional settings can make the transition stressful, with their scale hindering personalized care. Seniors might feel undervalued, missing out on the tailored support vital for their well-being. This underscores the importance of a more personal alternative that meets individual needs, something large institutions often struggle to deliver.

Small In Scale, Big On Individual Service and Peace of Mind

At Cobbdale Assisted Living, we prioritize a homelike environment where personal care meets close-knit living. Our small-scale setting ensures each resident gets individual attention, fostering a strong community and close staff-resident connections. This personal touch offers families peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are in a caring, attentive place. We focus on a familiar atmosphere, easing transitions for seniors with respect and comfort. Cobbdale isn’t just a facility; it’s a community dedicated to our residents’ well-being and happiness, offering a quality of life beyond what larger institutions can provide.

Is Cobbdale Assisted Living Right for You?

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Peace of Mind

You can move your loved one to Cobbdale Assisted Living confident in the fit and level of care that provides you with peace of mind.

what makes Us different?

The Values We Live By

Personalized Care

Each resident receives individual attention and tailored support, meeting their unique needs and preferences.

Individual Living Spaces

Our small-scale, private home environment ensures a nurturing, comfortable atmosphere for all residents.

Strong Community Bonds:

The approach fosters a sense of belonging and deep connections between staff and residents.

Peace of Mind for Families

Knowing their loved ones are in a safe, caring, and attentive environment offers families reassurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? please visit our FAQ section and find answers to various questions. Learn more about our services and see of we’re the right fit for you. 

Three Assisted Living Locations in Fairfax, Virginia

Burrows Avenue

Burrows Avenue is Cobbdale's first small-scale, private home assisted living facility. Explore the gallery here.

Elmont Court I

Cobbdale's second small-scale, private home, assisted living facility in Farifax, Virginia. Explore the gallery here.

Elmont Court II

Cobbdale's newest small-scale, private home, assisted living facility providing personalized care. Explore the gallery here.


“We chose Cobbdale because we believed Mom would thrive in a more familiar family home environment.."
The Andersons
Alexandria, Virginia
Cobbdale Assisted Living has been a life-changing experience for dad. The compassionate staff and warm, inviting atmosphere have truly made him feel at home..... ”
Becca Smith
Reston, Virginia