Welcome to Cobbdale Assisted Living®a Fairfax Assisted Living Community

Cobbdale Assisted Living® has two locations located in the heart of Fairfax City. Our single-story buildings have been completely renovated and are designed for seniors. Their open floor plans allow for residents to move around the home freely, safely, and with full confidence.

Cobbdale Assisted Living® of Fairfax, VA is an assisted living facility and senior community with newly renovated buildings. We offer a person-centered approach that is tailored to each resident’s wants and needs.  Families can be confident that their loved one is receiving the best care and support possible – helping them to thrive and enjoy each day in our small senior community.

Cobbdale Assisted Living® provides residents with the comfort and privacy of a private home, coupled with the safety and security of an assisted living community. For more detailed information on each of our amenities, visit our informational page: Our community.

Every assisted living community offers a different living experience for seniors. Cobbdale offers private bedrooms and bathrooms featuring individual temperature control. To enhance the privacy, safety, and comfort of our residents. Some of the appealing amenities our assisted living community include:

  • Single story, “Smart senior-designed” building
  • Open floor plan
  • Private bedrooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Nurse-call System
  • Spacious living room, dining room, and communal areas
  • Newly designed kitchen
  • Aesthetically pleasing gardens and outdoor grounds
  • Televisions, Telephones, and Cable


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