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assisted living that feels like home

About Cobbdale Assisted Living

About Cobbdale Assisted Living

Cobbdale Assisted Living in Fairfax offers a unique, home-based community designed with seniors in mind. Our renovated, single-story buildings feature private bedrooms and bathrooms, ensuring comfort and safety for up to 8 residents per home. With a 3-to-1 resident-to-staff ratio, we provide personalized care. Amenities include an open floor plan for natural light, secure private bathrooms, inviting communal areas, a modern kitchen, and options for televisions and phones in each room, creating a safe, interactive environment that feels like home.

Please visit Cobbdale Assisted Living’s Frequently Asked Questions page for more details. 

How Cobbdale Got Its Start

Joey Lynch-Flohr’s commitment to enhancing assisted living care was fueled by his personal experiences and academic pursuits. After witnessing his grandparent’s transition into an assisted living facility, Joey not only worked in that facility to gain practical insight but also furthered his commitment by pursuing an advanced degree in senior care from George Mason University in Virginia. This educational background, combined with his firsthand experiences, inspired him to found Cobbdale Assisted Living, aiming to provide a more personalized and compassionate care setting for seniors.

Three Assisted Living Locations in Fairfax, Virginia

Burrows Avenue

Burrows Avenue is Cobbdale's first small-scale, private home assisted living facility. Explore the gallery here.

Elmont Court I

Cobbdale's second small-scale, private home, assisted living facility in Farifax, Virginia. Explore the gallery here.

Elmont Court II

Cobbdale's newest small-scale, private home, assisted living facility providing personalized care. Explore the gallery here.


“We chose Cobbdale because we believed Mom would thrive in a more familiar family home environment.."
The Andersons
Alexandria, Virginia
Cobbdale Assisted Living has been a life-changing experience for dad. The compassionate staff and warm, inviting atmosphere have truly made him feel at home..... ”
Becca Smith
Reston, Virginia