Care and Support

Cobbdale Assisted Living is a small, homelike assisted living community that offers true resident-centered care for up to eight individuals. Our competent, experienced, and warmhearted professional caregivers have the support and guidance of Cobbdale’s licensed Executive Director. Cobbdale’s optimized staffing patterns make it possible for our Care Team to provide comprehensive personalized care and individual attention on a consistent and ongoing basis. Cobbdale’s highly-qualified Care Team can provide our residents with support for all of their needs, including but not limited to:

  • Support with all “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs) – We should have a page on this
  • Medical Management / Coordination with Medical Professionals
  • Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Facilitation of Recreational Activities – we should have a page on this
  • Staff and Leadership (LINKED TO PAGE)