Assisted Living in 2017

Are you the relative of someone who could benefit from assisted living? Assisted living is a more independent form of senior care than a nursing home, and its perfect balance between safety and independence make it a wise choice for many people who want their relative to enjoy a good quality of life. Before you… Continue reading Assisted Living in 2017

The Importance of Social Lives for Seniors

Socialization is an integral part of being human. Social isolation can result in a number of emotional and mental health issues ranging from loneliness to severe depression. Interacting with other human beings, therefore, is essential for the maintenance of emotional and mental health. With regards to seniors, social integration can become more difficult. The aging… Continue reading The Importance of Social Lives for Seniors

Depression for Seniors

When senior citizens experience depression, the best course for treatment can sometimes be difficult to chart. Other complications arises when seniors are under the care of other family members. Depression can deeply affect caregivers as well as the person suffering from the condition, meaning that its consequences and it’s needed treatments can be more complex… Continue reading Depression for Seniors