Housing Policies & Procedures

The Housing Policies and Procedures of Cobbdale Assisted Living are designed to maximize our resident’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment. Our policies and procedures are in place to ensure that we are consistently upholding the best available care for the residents in our community.

Housing Policies and Procedures

Our housing policies and procedures help to make daily life and admissions easy. Our housing policies & procedures include but are not limited to:

Additional questions regarding housing policies & procedures can by calling or sending an online message to our Executive Director.

What does the admissions process involve for potential new residents?

The admissions process is an opportunity to carefully discuss the appropriateness of Cobbdale Assisted Living for an individual and their family. During the admissions process, Cobbdale’s leadership will be able to identify how to best support the potential resident (including but not limited) to management of:

If an individual is in need of a more intensive or specialized level of care, then all efforts are made to assist in their appropriate referral and placement.

Medical History Review and Health Assessment

A careful medical history and current assessment of an individual’s needs is completed by the Executive Director and members of our Care Team. The overall goal of this is to determine if optimal care can be provided and sustained for each resident in our community. Cobbdale is designed and staffed to provide extensive care to residents as it relates to all of their required Activities of Daily Living.

What is Cobbdale’s Staffing Policy?

Cobbdale understands the value of reliable staff on-call to meet all of our residents’ needs. We have a resident-to-staff ratio of 3-to-1. This is much higher than what Virginia regulations require an assisted living facility to maintain. During daytime hours from approximately 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., there are always 3-4 staff members available to directly assist residents with any of their daily needs. During the evening and overnight there are always at least 2 staff members on duty.

What is Cobbdale’s Staff Hiring Policy?

Cobbdale’s staff members and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are carefully selected through a thorough and comprehensive screening process which covers professional history, qualifications, as well as a nationwide background check. We only hire highly experienced and fully certified professionals who we would entrust with the care of our own family members.

What is the Policy for Medication Management?

Our experienced Care Team ensures that each residents care plan is consistently implemented and medication is administered as prescribed. Each of our resident’s medications are overseen and kept secure by our Medication Aide and by Cobbdale’s Executive Director. Medication is always dispensed by a staff member who is certified by the State of Virginia to administer prescription medication.

What is Cobbdale’s Policy on Coordinating With Medical Professionals?

Ensuring proper medical management is one of our highest priority. We will do everything necessary to ensure our residents are able to make it medical appointments, as well as to urgent care when required. Cobbdale’s Care Team helps to facilitate and coordinate with their preferred local physicians, gerontologists, physical and occupational therapists, and other medical specialists

How are meals managed at Cobbdale?

Daily and weekly menus are clearly posted, and a resident’s dietary restrictions and preferences are always taken into consideration through our acceptance of suggestions and special requests for desired meals.

Additionally, the staff at Cobbdale appreciate that the enjoyment of fresh, healthy, and varied foods is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Daily meals are prepared by our staff who take special measures to incorporate ingredients which are both fresh and in season. This helps us to provide our residents with a more satisfying experience, overall.

Can residents furnish and decorate their own rooms?

We encourage individuals to bring their own artwork, family photographs and mementos if they would like to. Personalizing one’s space and making oneself feel right at home is always supported and encouraged.

The private rooms come with basic tasteful furnishings. If a resident wants to bring a cherished piece of furniture or other belongings into their rooms we must first ensure that Cobbdale’s health and hygiene standards are met. We evaluate all requests on a case-by-case basis and make every effort to accommodate residents wishes whenever possible.

What is the Policy for Visitation from Family and Friends?

Although we do not offer accommodations for overnight guests, a resident’s family and friends are always welcome at Cobbdale for visiting and enjoying meals together. We love when family and friends are able to participate in some of our outings, events, and recreational activities at Cobbdale.