Nutrition & Meal Planning

Cobbdale Assisted Living offers a smart senior-designed building with staff who are always available to immediately respond to requests, concerns, and emergencies.

Cobbdale’s philosophy of resident-centered care caters to the uniqueness and preferences of each individual member of our community. Enhancing the quality of life of our residents is our highest priority—so naturally, we understand the importance of nutrition and wellness.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Daily and weekly menus are posted in advance, and a resident’s dietary restrictions and preferences are always taken into consideration through our acceptance of suggestions and special requests for desired meals.

Fresh, High-quality Food

Enjoyment of fresh, healthy, and varied foods is a key to optimal quality of life for our residents. Meals are prepared daily by our staff, utilizing fresh and seasonal ingredients to provide our residents with a healthy and satisfying experience at the table.

Adjusting for Individual Dietary Preferences and Restrictions

Our staff will do everything it takes to have our residents enjoy each meal the way they want to. Several options are always available to residents to account for individual dietary preferences and restrictions. Daily and weekly menus are posted, and residents are encouraged to make suggestions and special requests.

There are always various choices and flexibility around where and when individual residents prefer to eat on any given day. Additionally, a resident’s family and friends are always welcomed in our building to visit and to share meals.

Where Will We Be Dining Today?

On particular days, our residents may wish to be around the kitchen and eat in the breakfast nook or dining area. Our brand new kitchen allows residents to spend time and interact with staff while cooking takes place. Meals are served in the new dining room, although residents always have the option for communal or private dining.

Other days our residents may prefer to have a meal in Cobbdale’s comfortable living room, or even on the porch. On some days a resident may enjoy meals from the privacy of their own room. Eating is a central aspect of daily life at Cobbdale—and every effort is made to increase each resident’s level of enjoyment and satisfaction.