Welcome to Cobbdale Assisted Living

a Fairfax Assisted Living Community

Our Fairfax assisted living community offers a newly-renovated, single-story building that utilizes an open floor plan and is designed for seniors. Complete with private bedrooms and bathrooms, Cobbdale Assisted Living is equipped to comfortably accommodate 8 residents. The 3-to-1 resident-to-staff ratio and small community environment allow for our Care Team to ensure that every resident receives exceptional and personalized care. Some of Cobbdale’s unique features and amenities include:

Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan helps to bring the outdoors in. Large windows utilize natural light and offer beautiful views of our beautiful garden and well-kept outdoor grounds.

Private Bedrooms

All bedrooms are single-person occupancy and include private bathrooms. Each bedroom suite also has its own heating and air conditioning control to accommodate individual preferences. These rooms offer aesthetically appealing views of either our gardens or our peaceful natural surroundings. Every bedroom suite incorporates a pull-cord system—making it easy for residents to call for assistance when they need it.

Private Bathrooms

Bathrooms present a more significant safety hazard than other rooms of the home. Every private bathroom at Cobbdale Assisted Living includes every possible measure to protect seniors from accidents that commonly occur in bathrooms, such as slips and falls. Each bathroom also offers easy access to wall handles and pull cord systems in order to prevent slips and falls and ensure a timely response from staff, if needed. Our large showers and bathroom tiles are complete with non-slick surfaces that allow for seniors to bathe more safely and easily.

Living Room and Communal Areas

Our living room and communal areas are both spacious and inviting. We want to encourage residents to leave their bedrooms, while at the same time providing alternatives for varying degrees of privacy. These open communal areas make use of peaceful, natural lighting.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Our brand new kitchen allows residents to interact and spend time with the staff while they are preparing meals. This inviting layout helps to foster a true sense of community between our professional caregivers and our residents. Meals are served in the new communal dining room, although residents always have the option for private dining.

Televisions, Telephones, and Cable

Televisions are provided in common areas and each resident’s private room is TV and cable ready. Phones are available for residents’ private use.