Researching a Fairfax Assisted Living Community

Organizing assisted living care for a loved one can be a challenging task. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the right assisted living community for a loved one. When researching assisted living communities in Fairfax, VA, families should consider the following:

Resident-Centered Care

Cobbdale’s resident-centered approach to our residents’ care focuses on the promotion of health, wellbeing, and personal choice. Each member of our Care Team delivers superior, personalized service to our residents in a friendly and compassionate manner. Our staff always keeps in mind the importance of being nurturing, supportive, and approachable.

Our group activities are designed to encourage camaraderie. Individual activities are also offered. Cobbdale residents have the option to choose from a wide variety of enjoyable activities which promote cognitive stimulation, social engagement, outdoor activities, as well as quiet and peaceful relaxation.

Cobbdale Assisted Living has strong roots in Fairfax, VA and is pleased to provide access to professional fitness and wellness consultants who help to improve our resident’s health.